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Anchovy fish fry

Fish fantasy to bring to the table. A mix of pink shrimp, squid, flying squid and breaded anchovies with durum wheat semolina.
A golden fish fry, as tradition wants, thanks to the tasty and crispy breading.
Once ready, the mix is immediately cut down to -40°C, to preserve all the freshness and goodness of the ingredients.

Only top quality Ingredients


PINK SHRIMPS (*) durum wheat semolina, PACIFIC LITTLE SQUIDS (*), durum wheat semolina, rings and tufts of ATLANTIC FLYING SQUID (*) durum wheat semolina, decapitated ANCHOVIES
(*) durum wheat semolina.


To enjoy the product at its best, it is recommended not to thaw before cooking.
Cook it in oil preheated at 170 ºC for about 3 minutes.


The product is frozen. Please, store it at a temperature not exceeding -18°C. It must be preferably consumed by the date indicated on the package. Once thawed, the product must be consumed within 24 hours. Do not freeze again.


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