Preparati di pesce di alta qualità

Quality handmade preparations

Alliccamustazzi is the news to bring to the table.
Tasty frozen fish preparations, 100% made in Sicily, handmade with only quality ingredients.

A new concept, a new idea

Allicca Mustazzi is the innovative proposal for the whole family, artisan recipes designed for a quick cuisine that does not give up tradition and quality.
All the experience of those who know the sea well, to offer you the best quality fish in tasty prepared frozen fish, ready in a few minutes.

Pronti in 20 minuti

Allicca Mustazzi brings to your table 100% handcrafted preparations with only the highest quality ingredients: Pistachio, Breadcrumbs, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Provola from Nebrodi cheese and a top quality fish.

I preparati allicca mustazzi
Provola dei Nebrodi


We use only raw materials and ingredients of great quality, to enhance the taste of the preparations and give value to the traditional recipes that inspired us. Extra virgin olive oil, Sicilian bread crumbs, provola from Nebrodi cheese, Ragusano DOP cheese and pistachio combine with a fish caught of great quality.

Pronto in 20 minuti


The rapid freezing of fresh food is an ally of those who have counted minutes to cook. Our frozen preparations keep intact the organoleptic and nutritional properties, even for a long time. Hence you can enjoy them anytime, from the freezer to your table in 20 minutes or thanks to microwave in 10 minutes.

Pesce appena pescato


What comes into your table is controlled at all stages of processing. A chain traced and certified that starts from the relationship with local fishermen, the most qualified distributors in northern Europe, to personally following the Sicilian freshwater fish farms, up to the transformation into preparations and the cold chain.

Allicca Mustazzi is a project born from the ALMAR experience that for 50 years is a leader in the trade and processing of fish: fresh, prepared or frozen.
All stages of processing take place in Sicily, in the cold workshops ALMAR, an handcrafted preparation inspired by traditional recipes, combined with Sicilian excellence and local specialties, from ingredients, such as provola from Nebrodi cheese and breadcrumbs, raw materials, such as the trout from Palazzolo Acreide, an example of high quality and freshness of fish


Fish Burger

Allicca Mustazzi burgers are a valid alternative to meat, without give up taste, to be flavored and served as you like.

Fish burgers are the ideal dish for athletes, for those who are careful to the shape or follow a healthy diet.

Hamburger di pesce